October 18, 2022


Finally, the second update - about time!

The main trigger for this post is our attendance at Reflectfest this year.

Reflectfest is a big event in Limassol that revolves all around technology, entrepreneurship, and innovation - exactly that which makes Mr. Probot tick, and what we outright love. So, as we jump straight back into the mix of this particular hustle & bustle, once again... there is a great simultaneous opportunity. Let's go for a quick look back, and actually reflect on an intense first year, as well as briefly cast an outlook.

Overall, it was hard work building up the company over the past year, and we can confidently say that it has most certainly paid off. There was the continuation of our Service, Application & Requirements Management business. The (further) specializations, e.g. in the field of blockchain technology and agile methodologies. The new clients and projects we got involved with, working on their Digital Transformation, optimizing the alignment of Business & IT. It was truly an exciting first full year!

Before we continue, we would like to explicitly confirm that Mr. Probot fully supports the notion of Global Citizenship. At least from our point of view, this includes the rule of law, European values and ideals overall, and peaceful and mutually beneficial collaborative efforts between human beings all over the world, in general.
We condemn the invasion, brutal occupation and illegal (attempt at) annexation of Ukraine by Russia.
Mr. Probot fully stands behind Ukraine. We hope the small contribution at the top of our homepage might at least make some nothing difference for the better, even if only a small one. Please note the link there.
Slava Ukraini!

As we segue into more positive matters, we can start with a reference to how we were informing ourselves about the war in Ukraine. This actually led us us to something really good.
We are very happy to, finally also here, accounce our sponsorship of Good Times Bad Times. They provide highly intelligent, easily-understandable-but-not-dumbed-down, and simply very insightful reporting on all kinds of (current) world affairs. This being wonderfully in line with what Mr. Probot stands for, providing our support to GTBT was just a no-brainer for us.
Please do yourself a favor, and check out their amazing content! Click the Good times Bad Times logo at the top of our homepage (Youtube), or maybe pay them a visit at their Patreon page.

Speaking of good things and the core values Mr. Probot represents: over the summer, a few of us visited the Bansko Nomad Fest in Bulgaria. A very interesting gathering, with lots of good conversations, new connections, delicious food, beautiful surroundings, and in particular lots of activities, learning, and fun!
Revolving around concepts that we strongly believe in, such as remote first, coworking & coliving, innovation and sustainability, the week long (!) event turned out to be well worth everything that Mr. Probot invested in it.

Looking ahead towards Reflectfest, we expect to have an amazing time there. We can hardly wait to experience all of the interesting presentations and discussions, new people we will meet, and the potential of additional & alternative paths into the future.

Last but not least, on a more general note: going forward, we will keep learning, growing, and adding value for all of the stakeholders that we work with. Our aim is to focus, in particular, on Scrum & Kanban, ESG & Sustainable Development, Change Management & Management Consultancy, and on major value adds enabled by blockchain technology.

We love hearing from you, and always customize our offerings to your exact your needs. Please feel free to get in touch - simply give us a call or send us an email. Either way, as always: AT your service!